Pros and Cons of Online Dates During Quarantine

Pros and Cons of Online Dates During Quarantine

The pandemic of 2020 has changed the world. Everything is now different — from the way people spend their time to the way they perceive crowded places. Currently, it seems that vaccination has helped humanity combat the virus. However, new virus strains that are regularly appearing can still cause the necessity to restrict social interaction between people. So, people might be required to stay home again. How will this affect relationships? What are the pros and cons of online dates in general? Let us list the most outstanding ones.

Online Dates: The Cons

If you have ever used online dating sites for acquaintances, you know how it feels when you really like a person and this feeling seems mutual. However, it is complicated to understand this for sure because you cannot look each other in the eyes, touch each other, and kiss. And this is the major disadvantage of online dates.

More so, a person you are dating may turn out to be jealous. Seeing each other every day, you haven’t noticed this quality. However, with a distance between you, you feel bothered all the time with questions like, “Where have you been?”

The Benefits of Online Dating

Even though the two people will definitely feel the lack of physical contact, online dates have certain advantages:

  • You get a possibility to find out your date better because you chat all the time, ask questions and reply to them. On regular dates, half of the time is busy with kisses and silent looking in the eyes, etc. While with the help of online communication, you get a chance to get to know all the favourites of your date, as well as understand the values and priorities of your significant other.
  • If you manage to keep romantics in your relationship, you will open up to your partner from the other side. Those who used to date regularly, online dates have changed the whole perception of their relationship.
  • You will learn to trust each other. Well, probably, this should be rephrased. You will either learn to trust or break up with this person understanding that one of you is unable to keep relationships at a distance.

Internet dates have unexpectedly become a part of people’s lives. They have taught us not to waste our time on those we don’t like. So, there are definitely much more benefits than flaws. Besides, web dates will help a couple understand if they have a strong enough bond to spend some time separately. What if one of you will need to live abroad for a month to launch an important project? Now you know if you can survive this.

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