Top 5 Secrets of a Successful Online Date

Top 5 Secrets of a Successful Online Date

If you want to meet a new person or already have someone you love, you still might be forced to separate. If you are wondering how to continue dating remotely, read our remote dating ideas and get a little spirited: if things go well, you’ll have some crazy stories to tell your grandchildren someday.

1. Movie Evening

You can download the extension for Netflix Party, this is the app that will create the perfect ambiance for watching movies together. Plan everything to the finest detail, just like you would have done to prepare for a real date: buy popcorn and your favourite drinks, put on pyjamas, and tuck under comfy blankets. This will be a romantic movie night.

2. Intellectual Date — Quiz

If you’re just getting to know each other, plan a virtual date during which you complete every possible online quiz you can find. An impressive number of online contests have appeared, in which you can take part. Whether you are strengthening your bond with the other person or discovering clear incompatibilities, you will definitely not waste your time. Get to know each other better with these quizzes.

3. Culinary Competition

While you may not be cooking for each other, you can share this experience with your significant other. You can cook a dish together using Zoom or try to guess any dishes for each other to prepare. 

Of course, no one will be able to fully appreciate the cooking skills of the other half, but at least you will get a lot of impressions and a good mood from the process. Dinner via video link is also a good idea to learn new news from your companion’s life.

4. Pack a Perfect Date in a Box

Here is one of the ideas, which is based on a real case of the two people. Living at a distance, they have found a way to date, even remotely. Ryan and Samantha Looney have loved each other for three years and travelled around the world exchanging emails and handwritten letters. 

Samantha’s most effective dating tip is to put the date into a box, “Send your significant other a box with everything your partner may need for a perfect date — like a cookie mix, blanket, and movie — whatever matters to the two of you” and then buy the same for yourself.”

5. Shop Together

Mutual shopping, even online, can become a good pastime. If you are choosing an outfit, let your significant other participate in the process of choice. Or you can look for some gifts for upcoming holidays online.

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