What Is a Blind Date?

What Is a Blind Date?

Blind dating is a meeting of two people who not only have never met before but have not even seen photos of each other. Such meetings can be organized by mutual friends, dating agencies, but they can also be arranged independently after correspondence on the Internet. 

Disadvantages of Blind Dating

Here are some of the main cons of this kind of date:

  • Unattractive appearance. Everyone has their own preferences, but it is difficult to communicate with the one whose appearance causes you antipathy. However, this moment can be smoothed out if character, sense of humour and general topics of conversation are more important. 
  • False information. Both participants in the meeting know almost nothing about each other. There is always a risk that the other participant has lied. 
  • Awkward pauses. Live communication is different from correspondence on the Internet. But do not be upset if there are pauses in the conversation — this is completely normal. Instead, try to choose a neutral topic of conversation. 

Benefits of Blind Dating

However, this kind of acquaintance has some significant advantages for which people still date to get to know each other in this way:

  • Victory over complexes. If you find it difficult to get to know someone, and you are afraid of rejection, blind dating is for you. Here the second participant has already agreed to communicate in advance and come specifically for this. 
  • Knowledge of the character before the meeting. In an ordinary acquaintance, people, first of all, evaluate their appearance and only then do they learn something about character, habits, sense of humour and other features. With a blind date, everything is exactly the opposite. Here the probability of failure is less. Both participants know that their meeting is a test, and if they do not fit each other, there will be no offence.
  • A vivid story of the first meeting. If everything goes well, then it will be possible to remember with pleasure how the acquaintance took place — bright and romantic, like in a movie. 

A blind date is a great chance to find a decent match for yourself. So, be careful, but don’t pass up this chance. Even if one date goes wrong, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be lucky the next time.

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